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Custom YETI Cups? Sure! Custom packaging? Absolutely! Clatter Creative loved working on this project for DeVryWORKS. Our client was searching for the perfect employee appreciation gift. When YETI Cups came to mind, our team was thrilled to get the process started. Our Clatter Creative team handled everything - custom package design, custom YETI design, fulfillment, and shipment to over fifty locations! Check it out!

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Dianna Coulter
Cool Beans
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When guests left a five year anniversary party for this client, they were given a custom coffee mug as a thank you gift! Perfect for that morning cup of coffee or late night sleepy time tea! Take a look.

Dianna Coulter
Technology & Travel
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This client was in need of a gift for a five year anniversary party. Since many of the attendees of the event were frequent travelers, Clatter Creative suggested custom luggage tags. The client loved the idea. When the guests arrived, they were welcomed with this small giveaway as a token of appreciation for attending. The custom luggage tag features QR code/URL identifiers for an easy and secured system of retrieval. Say good-bye to lost luggage! Take a look.

As guests left the party, they were given another gift of appreciation. Check it out!

Dianna Coulter
Golf Gifts
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This client was in need of a gift for a golf outing with a very quick turnaround. He requested a gift that would be practical for the golfers to use during the game. The client also wanted his company’s logo to stand out on the product. Clatter Creative worked efficiently to have these golf towels ready for tee time!

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Dianna Coulter
Yo-Yo's for City of Elk Grove
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This client wanted a gift that would stand out a trade show. Since many trade show attendees in his industry are always traveling, he wanted something that they could take home to their kids. He also wanted a gift that would be nostalgic for the attendees. The perfect solution? A yo-yo, of course! Take a closer look at this project for City of Elk Grove California.

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Dianna Coulter
She Did It Her Way

This client from She Did It Her Way was in need of a gift for her 2018 Summit. She Did It Her Way is a resource for female entrepreneurs who are looking to create location independent businesses that allow them the freedom to create from anywhere, design their schedules in a way that supports them and pursue what lights them up. Sounds incredible, right? Clatter Creative Promotions was thrilled to design journals to be given to these powerful women as they entered the event. Perfect for note-taking, to-do lists, and more!

Dianna Coulter
Veterans Event
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This client was planning a series of events for veterans during the month of July. She requested a variety of items for the occasion with specific price points in mind. Clatter Creative Promotions provided various products within the client’s budget. When the project was complete, the client had sunglasses, socks, keychains and drawstring backpacks for her events!

Margaret Westerlund
Time to Wine Down
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In the midst of working with Clatter Creative Promotions on a different project, this realtor realized what she was missing: the perfect closing gift! Clatter Creative was happy to design a custom wine opener for that moment when new homeowners open a bottle of Chardonnay and say, ‘Cheers!’ For her clients who prefer a warm cup of coffee or freshly brewed tea, Clatter Creative designed the perfect on-the-go tumbler to be used instead. Take a look!

Margaret Westerlund